Thursday, January 7, 2016

Today's AI Platforms Are Now As Smart As A 3-Year Old

Jag Bhalla, Big Think: Artificial Intelligence Isn't Nearly 'as Smart as 3-Year Olds.'

Why should AI scare us? Let’s compare natural vs. artificial intelligence, using Edge’s 2015 big question: What to think about machines that think?

1. Despite the AI fuss, “deep learning ... is conceptually shallow,” explains Seth Lloyd. “Deep” here means more interconnected "neural network" layers, not profound learning.

2. Alison Gopnik feels machines aren’t nearly “as smart as 3-year-olds.” While AI sometimes outwits Garry Kasparov, it needs millions of pictures (labeled by humans) to learn to recognize cats. Infants need a handful (amazing pattern detectors, + see what babies know, but scientists often ignore).

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Editor: Not as smart as 3-year olds right now .... tomorrow .... who knows.

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