Thursday, April 12, 2012

Creating a Quantum Computer

IBM's 2-D Superconducting Qubit Mounted on a Chip IBM Research via Flickr

How It Would Work: Creating a Quantum Computer -- Popular Science

A working, large-scale quantum computer is still a decade away, but researchers are currently turning a critical corner from theory to building the first small quantum systems.

Silicon semiconductors have taken us a dazzling distance along the computing road. But even if they continue unabated to get faster and more powerful (and it’s growing more difficult to make that happen) there’s a limit to what classical computing can do.

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My Comment: A Quantum computer is still a long way-off .... but we are getting there.


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  2. Although quantum computing is still in the first few steps of development, there have been a lot of confirmed quantum computational operations that were successful on a small number of quantum bits. As part of a professional San Antonio IT support team, I think that this shows a lot of promise for what it will be able to do, including helping us maintain office computers and network servers. I'm looking forward to the future.