Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Meet Your New Robot Receptionist

Meet Your New Robot Receptionist, the DARPA ARM 'Bot -- Popular Science

Never worry about answering the phone or stapling documents again.

Bad news for long-term receptionists: DARPA's ARM (Autonomous Robotic Manipulation) robot can perform a whopping 18 different reception-ready tasks, from stapling to answering the phone to...turning on a lamp? Grasping things? Also it can't speak, or redirect calls, really, but it can drill a hole in a piece of wood, which I'm not entirely sure I can do, so it's an easy shoo-in for our incredibly prestigious Robot of the Week award. Congratulations! Watch the video after the jump.

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  1. Although that robot can do a lot of things (it can even drill through wood), being a good human receptionist still depends on the cultivation of one’s personality and dependability. The right personnel can do those things faster and talk to anyone, whether personally or on the phone.

    Ruby Chelmsford