Saturday, February 5, 2011

Making ‘Smart’ Robots For Reconnaissance

A Marine operates the then-new Dragon Runner robot in 2004 at Combat Outpost Ramadi, Iraq, in July 2004. DARPA is developing an intelligent, autonomous robot that could take recon troops out of danger. Staff file photo

DARPA Making ‘Smart’ Robot For Reconnaissance -- Marine Times

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is developing an intelligent, autonomous robot that could take reconnaissance troops out of danger.

Reconnaissance missions are among the most dangerous in the military, often requiring small, vulnerable teams to go behind enemy lines.

“They typically occupy the position in teams of four, for durations well over 24 hours,” DARPA reports. “While in position, they are exposed and difficult to support.”

Military leaders have expressed a desire for an unmanned system that would remove these troops from harm’s way, according to DARPA.

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My Comment: I can see the day when US soldiers will use both ground and air reconnaissance robots to assess the threat level in a particular region. Such reconnaissance robots will also be used to monitor activity outside of FOBs and larger bases. If the enemy is mobilizing for an attack .... you will have a head's up in being aware of what you are about to confront.

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