Monday, January 31, 2011

The iRobot Roomba And Scooba

Sponsored Post: The iRobot Roomba and Scooba iRobot

Sponsored Post: The iRobot Roomba And Scooba -- Popular Science

The iRobot Roomba and Scooba will leave you floored.

The modern American home has become a minefield of microscopic ordnance. Dust bombs... pet hair parapets... corn chips strewn like spent shell casings. It’s an unruly battlescape that requires the kind of constant vigilance that none of us has time to practice.

Which is why iRobot, a company that builds bomb detecting robots for the military, also employs state of the art technology in its Roomba and Scooba cleaning robots. The Roomba autovac is the beneficiary of ongoing technological advancements made by iRobot’s team of roboticists. Followed by the Scooba line of hardwood, linoleum and tile floor washers, the two persistent robots combine to remove up to 98 percent of household dirt and dust and up to 97 percent of bacteria*.

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