Thursday, May 14, 2009

March Of The Terminators: Robot Warriors Are No Longer Sci-Fi But Reality. So What Happens When They Turn Their Guns On Us?

Killing machine: The SWORD is mounted with either an
M240 machine-gun, a grenade or rocket launcher

From The Daily Times:

They can fly, they can swim, they can spit out 550 high-explosive shells a minute. And most terrifyingly of all, they'll soon be able to think for themselves.

A few minutes before nine in the morning, and the young soldiers have no idea of the horror that is about to strike them. They are taking part in a massive military training exercise, involving 5,000 troops, and are about to showcase the latest in robotic weapons technology.

The MK5 anti-aircraft system, with two huge 35mm cannons, is essentially a vast robotic weapon, controlled by a computer.

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