Tuesday, March 24, 2009

She Only Gets Out Of Bed For 10,000 Volts

The blackhaired HPR-4C is modelled on Japanese anime characters. AP

From The Independent:

Japanese engineers unveil the first robotic supermodel – complete with sulky face.

After years developing artificial dogs, factory workers, receptionists and even nurses, it was perhaps inevitable that Japanese engineers would one day get around to creating a robot fashion model. Unveiled at the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo, the black-haired HPR-4C strolled silently on to a catwalk, twirled a little stiffly and performed a short repertoire of tricks for a phalanx of photographers.

A beautifully proportioned 43 kilograms (including battery) and modelled on Japanese anime characters, she seems so far to be limited to just two emotional states: anger and surprise – not necessarily a liability in fashion circles, joked some.

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