Tuesday, February 3, 2009

University Prepares Scientists For Era When Computers Are Cleverer Than Humans

When machines go bad: Will Smith and his sidekick hunt
down a murderous robot in I, Robot (2004)

From Daily Mail Online:

Preparing for the day when machines will take over the human race sounds like the stuff of sci-fi novels, conspiracy theorists or Hollywood blockbusters.

But Google and Nasa are already getting ready for such a day.

The technological heavyweights have lent their support to a new university that will prepare scientists for an age when computers will be cleverer than humans.

Singularity University will be based in Nasa's Silicon Valley campus and will host its first class of 30 graduates this summer.

The name of the unconventional school comes from futurist Ray Kurzweil's theory of Singularity - a period of rapid technological advancement in the near future.

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